Improving confidence in pipe failure prediction.

The aim of Activity 4 is to improve current capacities to predict the likelihood of pipe failure for a given length of pipe.

Activity 4










The five sub-activities of Activity 4 to be researched by the relevant Universities are:

  • 4(a) – Enhancing the reliability of condition assessment of buried large diameter water mains (UTS)
  • 4(b) – Reducing the uncertainty of non-destructive, indirect measurement with linear polarisation resistance (LPR ) (University of Newcastle and UTS)
  • 4(c) – Predicting the likelihood of pipe corrosion and its severity along the pipe to forecast failure (University of Newcastle)
  • 4(d) – Enhancing the reliability of emerging technologies that have not yet been incorporated into the current research project (UTS)
  • 4(e) – The probability of failure (Monash University)