According to the collaborative research agreement concluded in August 2011, the research programme is managed through a Committee of Management and Technical Advisory Groups with support from the Project Executive, namely the Chief Investigator, the Industry Partner representative, Project Manager and the Activity Leaders.

Voting members of the Committee of Management consist of representatives from Sydney Water (who also chair the Committee), Melbourne Water, Water Corporation of Western Australia, Monash University, Water Research Foundation of the USA and UK Water Industry Research.

The Committee of Management is responsible for the strategic oversight and probity of the research programme with Monash University remaining responsible overall for the research programme.

The Committee of Management has established a Technical Advisory Group for each Activity to be chaired by an Activity Leader.  The Groups are comprised of industry stakeholders who work with the researchers to manage and collate all aspects of the research program. They advise the Committee of Management and the Project Executive on matters such as:

  • Industry research needs and project definitions
  • Integrating¬† relevant research with other organisations
  • Communication and adoption of research outputs
  • Recommendations to governments and government agencies
  • Quality of research undertaken