Activities Overview

The Advanced Condition Assessment and Pipe Failure Prediction Project is organised into five Activities. They are –

Activity 1:    How, when and where will critical pipes fail within the entire network? (Monash University)

Activity 2:    How do we assess the condition of the pipe cost effectively? (University of Technology Sydney)

Activity 3:    How do we calculate pipe deterioration rates accurately with respect to the pipe environment? (The University of Newcastle)

Activity 4:    Improving confidence in pipe failure prediction. The three universities have recently begun work across five sub-activities.

Activity 5:    Knowledge management and decision support. Sydney Water is coordinating this Activity with its industry partners.

An Activity Leader is responsible for direction of each of Activities 1 – 3 while Activity Project Teams receive advice from Technical Advisory Committees. A similar arrangement applies to sub-activities 4(a) – 4(e). The Chief Investigator coordinates this process and provides intellectual leadership in the integration and industry application of research insights from the Project. The exception to this is Activity 5 as noted above.