How, when and where will critical pipes fail within the entire network?

Associate Professor Jayantha Kodikara of Monash University is leading this Activity. Its aim is to establish improved methodologies to predict remaining physical life of critical pipes taking into account the effect of external and internal factors, different material types, and critical locations and factors within the network. This activity will draw from Activities 2 and 3 to establish failure state and to determine the physical remaining life of pipes.

The outcome of Activity 1 will be two fold:

(1) Improved methods for estimation of pipe remaining life considering available information including condition assessment data;
(2) Development of practical concepts for monitoring of new pipelines using optical fibres and other sensors.
Current work includes:

  • Compiling and analysing pipe failure data from participants and related parties and identifying where, how and when pipes fail
  • Compilation and measurement of pipe failure properties paying attention to pipe cohorts
  • Corrosion pit categorisations and development of associated pipe failure prediction methods
  • Instrumentation of field pipes to measure pressure transients and stresses from traffic loading and ground movement
  • Use of optical fibres to monitor the performance of new pipelines.

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